Stamps (mini booklet)

Gomboc Booklet Stamps
Gomboc Booklet Stamps Movement
30,00 €

This is a stamp size booklet with 30 Gömböc stamps. This booklet is particularly special as you can see the Gömböc in movement if you leaf through our booklet.

The Gömböc was the focus of the Hungarian pavilion at the Expo in Shanghai, in 2010. Due to the importance of this event, the Hungarian Post Office has issued stamps and booklets in memory of this special occasion. Each unique stamp (with a face value of HUF 100) shows a different characteristic position during the movement of Gömböc.

The 30 stamps of the block have a face value of HUF 100 each.

Date of issue: 30 April 2010 (printed by by the Hungarian Banknote Printhouse)
Print run: 15,000
Size of the book: 45 x 50mm
Size of the stamps: 45 x 35mm
Photos: István Oravecz
Design: Richárd Márk Nagy, Gergely Hosszú, Attila Róbert Cosovan, Tamás Rudolf Cosovan

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